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*LOVE PUNCH; so very trendy

LOVE PUNCH: Ai Otsuka Community
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Welcome to the first Ai Otsuka community on LiveJournal!

Ai made her debut in September 2003, but it wasn't until the end of the year when she became a star thanks to her hit single "Sakuranbo." With several singles and two (soon to be three) albums under her belt, Ai has become one of the hottest recent j-pop stars!

Ai is known for her talents in lyric- and songwriting, penning catchy, happy tunes such as the aforementioned "Sakuranbo" and "SMILY" and dramatic ballads like "Daisuki da yo." and "Kingyo Hanabi."

In addition to singing and songwriting, Ai is a talented actress, having starred in the drama "Tokyo Friends" as well as several commercials. She is also known for her cute drawings and picture books, which frequently feature a rabbit named "LOVE."

Feel free to join and share the LOVE for Ai♥

1. Please keep all topics related to Ai. If you have information about a new release or TV appearence of hers, if you recently bought a CD of hers and you'd like talk about it, if you think her lyrics or illustrations are cute -- post away. If your post has nothing to do with Ai, it will be deleted.

2. No promotion that isn't Ai-related. Have you made a fansite that you would like everyone to check out and critique? OK. Did you create a community for Ai claims or Ai media? OK. Did you create a community for another Avex artist? Not OK. You get the idea.

If you have a website or a community and you would like to be affiliates with this one, contact the moderator. (Your site/community does not have to be Ai-related to be an affiliate.)

3. Keep drama out of here. Please be civil with other members. Respect others' opinions; if someone says something that irks you, do not start a flame war. If someone's facts about Ai are not correct, be polite in correcting them and don't belittle them for it. If you start drama, your post will be deleted/comments will be frozen and you will get banned.

4. Please use an lj-cut for graphics-heavy posts. A good rule of thumb is if the post has an image that takes up a huge amount of space or more than three images, it should be under a cut. If you do not know how to lj-cut, this explains how.

5. Downloads should go under a friends-lock. You're more than welcome to share files in here; however, to keep files within the community and to avoid possible bandwidth issues/quickly-expired downloads, please make these sort of posts friends-only.

6. Please keep download requests to a minimum. I don't want this community to solely become a media central. Ai's a pretty popular artist, so if you go to jpop_uploads or jpop_mp3s there's sure to be some people there who could have your request and will be willing to help.

Questions? Comments? Your moderators are flashyouback & sleepingchild.

layout by sleepingchild ^^♥~

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